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Movie: S-94

  • Director:
  • Release Date: October 26, 2009
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Horror, Japanese, Sci-Fi

At only 29 minutes long, it doesnt really qualify as a feature film, but given the long gaps that have followed Fukuis film projects in the past, fans are probably happy to take what they can get from one of the founding fathers of the Japanese cyberpunk genre.

The plot of this one is pretty simple. A virus called has wiped out most of human civilization by 2010. Only two women survive the pandemic and now live together within the confines of a secluded shelter: Miu (Nozomi Hatsuki), who desperately wants to live, and the suicidal Ice (Yuko Tatsushima). Even though they have opposite outlooks, theyve been able to maintain balance so far. That balance is shattered one day when a new survivor named Shuma (Yuya Ishikawa) enters the picture. They find out about his existence through a radio broadcast and begin to fight over him in the face of an otherwise hopeless future.

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