Tai quan zhen jiu zhou

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Movie: Tai quan zhen jiu zhou

  • Director:
  • Release Date: September 09, 1973
  • Run Time: 91 mins
  • Genre: Action, Drama, War

During the period when Korea was occupied by Japan. Bansan Karate House, one of the secret organizations was set up in order to crackdown the Korean patriots. Lee Cheng Tung, a Taekwondo grand master who was the leader of the patriots planed to rebuild their country. He operated from a Catholic church disguised as the gardener. Mary, a priest’s niece, becomes a Taekwondo student.
One day, a Korean patriot, Kim Cheng Chuh tried to hide in the church with Bansan’s Tairo Inuyama in hot pursuit. Inuyama found out Lee in the church and tortured him. Fortunately, Mary drove the Japanese away. However, the priest was being caught.
In order to rescue the priest. Huang Li-chun, a Chinese girl who was an Aikido master-hand came to the aid of the Korean Patriots. Huang and Kim flee to northeast China to continue the fight. Later on, Lee was caught as a bait to catch all resistance leaders. Learning about this Huang. Kim and Mary attacked Bansan’s Liaoyang Headquarters and rescued Lee. Then they joined forces to shoot down the enemy. (Joysales)

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